21 things to do the weekend of September 29

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“Sight of Music” reception at Cultural Arts Center


“Sight of Music” reception at Cultural Arts Center

The fall exhibition at Cultural Arts Center is bringing people to their senses. “Sight of Music” asked artists to explore the intersection of the senses, or the impact of one sense on another, specifically addressing the way people interact with and are inspired by music. Curated and juried by poet Steve Abbott, the exhibition was also juried by CCAD President Dr. Melanie Corn and by Dr. Christopher Purdy of Classical 101 WOSU-FM. The result is an exhibition with manifold expressions of the theme in both medium and method.


Gelatinus Cube at Spacebar

Before Gelatinus Cube was a band, two of its founding members, singer/guitarists Pat Chase and Tim Swanson, were teenage Boy Scouts heading up a ragtag troop that sounds like it was lifted straight from a screwball 1980s comedy. “One time, we made a catapult during the end-of-camp Jamboree and we were launching water balloons at families, and we got in trouble for that. Then there was the time I stole the lighter fluid from the Order of the Arrows ceremony and I was going to blow up [the can] later from a distance with a long fuse. I didn’t get to do that, unfortunately,” said Chase, 30, who joined Swanson and fellow bandmate Mike Daull for a late-September interview. “We had a long history of problems, so of course a punk band came out of it.” The band celebrates its 15-year anniversary with a concert at Spacebar.


Laura Park at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

Part of the fun of being selected for the Columbus Comics Residency, co-hosted by the Columbus Museum of Art and the Columbus College of Art & Design, is getting to hang out at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC). This year’s winner of the residency, which was formerly titled the Graphic Novelist residency, is Chicago- and Paris-based comic artist/illustrator Laura Park, whose work has been featured in numerous anthologies. Park contributed design work to the Cartoon Network series “Over the Garden Wall” and illustrated James Patterson’s young reader series “I FUNNY.” She also has a seriously badass Flickr feed. In addition to CXC (catch her at the Expo at the Downtown branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library on Saturday, Sept. 30 and Sunday, Oct 1.), Park will be doing some work at CCAD and have work exhibited at CMA during her residency.