26 things to do the weekend of October 20

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Norman Whiteside plays Phenix Banquet Center


Norman Whiteside plays Phenix Banquet Center

Whiteside fronted the band Wee and released the 1977 magnum opus, You Can Fly on My Aeroplane, incorporating more electronic sounds, psychedelic guitar licks and Whiteside’s “dark, mystic chords.” It was soul from the future. But Whiteside’s personal life, which at one point was filled with more sex, drugs and crime than a Martin Scorsese film, eventually derailed his music career, eventually landing him in prison. These days, Whiteside spends much of his time volunteering with the William Brady organization, a nonprofit tasked with “helping people cope with mental illness through beautiful music.” Brady will play drums for Whiteside in a concert at the Phenix Banquet Center to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Aeroplane.


Way Yes album release show at Spacebar

“I wanna see you get healed,” Glenn Davis sings on “Get Healed,” a track from Way Yes’ 2013 album, Tog Pebbles. Fast forward to 2017: “Everyone I used to love is dead,” Davis sings on “Get Dead,” a track from the band’s new album, Tuna Hair. In between the two records, Davis made peace with death. “I was just like, ‘I am going to die, but when it happens, it’s fine. I’m OK with it.’ That was a big turning point in my life. I wasn’t scared anymore,” said singer and bassist Davis. To celebrate the album’s digital release, Way Yes is playing at show at Spacebar on Saturday, Oct. 21.


Unorthodocs film festival closes at Wexner Center

Wexner Center Associate Film/Video Curator Chris Stults has assembled a slate of offbeat, absorbing and genre-stretching documentary films for a new festival titled Unorthodocs. (Get it?) “The documentary realm feels like where the most exciting things are being made,” Stults said. From rats in Baltimore to Russian dash cam clips to a fireworks festival in Mexico, there is no shortage of compelling subject matter. Ohio’s own Oscar nominees Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert are spotlighted.