'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: Episode Two, 'Good God Girl, Get Out'

Erica Thompson,Brittany Moseley

Brittany: Miss Scarlet Envy is staying true to her name with all the shade she’s throwing at Brooke Lynn over her win. Let the girl sow her oats, Scarlet! There are plenty of challenges to prove yourself. 

Erica: Right. All the queens were fake-congratulating Brooke Lynn, but Scarlet was definitely the most annoying, and her dress was not as glamorous as she made it out to be. (Those were actual holes, right?)

Brittany: She definitely missed a few stitches. But her little tantrum was nothing compared to the drama that was about to come. Then again, that seems to be the theme when teams are involved. 

Erica: It really was an action-packed episode, so much so that we almost forgot to talk about the photo-bomb challenge! It seems RuPaul was looking for the raunchiest contender. Our girl Nina West stood out with her crotch grab in that jean skirt, but, come on, Silky got completely naked and Brooke Lynn put her own spin on “Make America Great Again” with that sign right … there.

Brittany: If I tried to do that with my legs I wouldn’t walk for a week. 

Erica: So the acting challenges were playful interpretations of “Get Out” (“Good God Girl, Get Out”) and “Black Panther” (“Why It Gotta Be Black, Panther?”). I must say it was super refreshing to see diverse films featured. However, I was a little worried that it could get out of hand and get really offensive really quickly.

Brittany: Yeah, when Brooke Lynn asked Plastique to embrace the stereotype of the Asian nail tech in her role as Nails, I felt a little cringey, and I wasn’t the only one. Vulturewriter Matt Rogerswrote in his recap, “There’s always a tough gray area with ‘Drag Race’ when it comes to cultural appropriation versus this being drag, where none of that is supposed to matter.” But, Plastique went with it gleefully, and the judges all loved her performance. I think a large part of “Drag Race”—and RuPaul’s drag persona as well—is being in on the joke.

Erica: Great point. The short films turned out better than I expected, but there was plenty of drama behind the scenes. First of all, poor Scarlet was picked last when they were “casting,” and proclaimed the queens would “ru” the day. (You see what I did there?)

Brittany:And you gotta love Ru for spilling the tea and filling Silky in on what the other team said behind her back. Stir that pot, Mama Ru. This of course led to more drama later in the workroom between Ra’Jah and Yvie. (Remind me never to insult a queen’s makeup.) It was a lot. But the fighting ended when Mercedes shared the struggles she has faced as an immigrant and told the other queens about her stroke. It was a reminder of what’s really important, and everyone shelved their petty arguments to quite literally gather around her for support.

Erica:Yeah, I’ve been profiled while traveling (I was once searched and derailed in a Miami airport overnight) but I can’t imagine being on a terror “watch list.” Scary, frustrating stuff. It was a touching moment, for sure. 

Brittany:Through the ups and downs, we had Miss Vanjie. I loved her this week. She came fast with the quips and commentary. “Pressed like a panini” is my new favorite saying—at least until next week. If you are voted off Miss V, feel free to join Erica and I in our recaps. Also, who knew Big Silk was the studious type? The more I watch “Drag Race,” the more I want a separate show that follows the queens in their day-to-day lives. What is Dr. Silky like in the classroom? I’m getting distracted though. Back to the challenge. 

Erica: But how studious is she, though? She couldn’t get those lines...But she wasn’t as bad as a couple of the queens. I’ll admit, I rolled my eyes when Scarlet fashioned herself as the second coming of Julia Roberts, but she was actually a compelling leading lady. And yes--Nina West put that theater degree to use and showed out! No bottom ranking this week, honey!

Brittany:Nina was definitely in her element, and what an improvement from last week. She ended up being safe—which is great!—but I thought she would be in the top for sure. She did a great job. Auntie Shuga was also a standout for me. (I have actual aunties with that same hairstyle.) While she didn’t win the challenge—that went to Scarlet and Yvie—she did end up in the top, and rightfully so. 

Erica: Even though Kahanna Montrese and Mercedes had the worst performances, I was also disappointed in Ariel Versace. She is gorgeous, but unlike Plastique, she didn’t rise above her looks in this challenge. And I notice a little tick with her; she always gestures dramatically with her hands, and that carried over into her “acting.” It was distracting. (Really didn’t mean to rhyme there.) 

Brittany:Ultimately, Kahanna and Mercedes had to lip sync for their lives, and what a lip sync it was. I broke a sweat just watching. When Mercedes threw her wig to the side, you knew she was not here to play. Even Kahanna’s backflips couldn’t overcome Mercedes’ epic lip sync of Britney’s “Work Bitch.” 

Erica: Don’t forget Mercedes’ death drop and jump into the splits! My favorite part was Bobby Moynihan’s facial expressions. (Yes, you read that right, Drunk Uncle from “SNL” was a judge.) He didn’t know what hit him! And I was fully expecting Mercedes to go home, which would have been tragic after her show of vulnerability in the workroom. 

Brittany:The lip sync proved she is not afraid to break out of her shell. And after two lackluster weeks, it was time for Kahanna to go. 

Erica: But as long as Nina is around, I’m good. (That dress was much better this week, girl.) Can’t wait to see what drama unfolds next week!