'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: Episode Seven, 'From Farm To Runway'

Brittany Moseley,Erica Thompson

Brittany:It took Ra’Jah approximately 30 seconds to remind me why I want her gone. As Miss Vanjie said, Scarlet ain’t even out of the parking lot yet and Ra’Jah is already throwing her usual shade. 

Erica: It was absolutely unnecessary. How are you going to be a sore winner? Refusing to read Scarlet’s goodbye message was so nasty. And did she come for Nina West out of nowhere? It’s time to go.

Brittany: How dare you shade Nina, you two-bit queen! OK, now that we’ve gotten all our Ra’Jah-fueled angst out, what’d you think of this week’s busty mini challenge?

Erica:The potato sack race with a side of boob-ography? I loved it! I think I paid more attention to RuPaul’s amazing reactions than the women. But I knew Nina would shine, and she was victorious, along with Shuga, who still needs to come out of her shell.

Brittany:Just when I thought there was no group more enamored with breasts than straight men, I started watching “Drag Race.” Nina did do great, and I think hers looked the most natural—or as natural as fake boobs on grown men can look. I thought Shuga did well too and hammed it up. She was so funny and warm in the opening scene of the very first episode. I’d like to see more of that.

Erica: Right. It might be a question of air time. So as the ladies went to work on their farm-to-runway, sickening and sustainable (I am a sucker for all of the quips) outfits for the maxi challenge, Ru made her rounds in the workroom. She flat out asked some of them who should go home. Now, Brittany, I totally see your point of view about A’Keria being the voice of the audience, and I was cracking up watching her spy on everyone behind that mannequin. Speaking for the audience, I can say it was so obvious Ra’Jah should go home, but A’Keria took a more diplomatic route and suggested Brooke Lynn because she is clearly one of the best competitors.

Brittany: I was excited to see what the queens would do with this challenge because it was so silly and reminiscent of “Project Runway.” I’m glad Nina chose to work with corn—how perfect for our Ohio gal. (This state has the best corn on the cob. Don’t @ me.) It was also smart of her and Vanjie to ask for Yvie’s input because if anyone is going to kill a challenge that requires you to make an evening gown out of pineapple leaves, it’s Yvie Oddly. A’Keria’s dress sounded interesting, but I worried she wouldn’t have the time to pull it together. Spoiler alert: She did not. 

Erica: We’ll give A’Keria a pass this week because she couldn’t get that organic dye to work on her burlap. I totally agree with you about Yvie, whose critiques are coming from a place of “tough love.” She really wants all the other queens to step up and be their best. So often the people who have the most hardship also have the biggest hearts. And speaking of heartfelt moments, RuPaul (my new life coach) almost made me cry when she was giving advice to Brooke Lynn and Plastique about showing more of their personalities. It was upsetting that Plastique had to hide her participation in “Drag Race” from her family, and internalized their disapproval of her lifestyle.

Brittany: Oh I did tear up. Those “heartfelt” moments happen each week, and it would be easy to write them off as scripted TV moments, but I don’t think that’s the case. No matter how big their personalities are on the runway, these queens have had to deal witha lotover the years—at best disapproval, at worst hate speech and disownment. It was a beautiful moment… until Ra’Jah opened her mouth. 

Erica: Right? What a witch. Sorry, folks, there is going to be a lot of Ra’Jah hate during this recap. I can’t believe she disparaged Plastique. And, later in the episode, she had the nerve to claim to be “the bigger person.” Are you kidding me? Anyhow, what did you think of the runway clinic from Alyssa Edwards?

Brittany:It was a much-needed fun break after the heaviness—and bitchiness—of the workroom. As usual, I was living for Miss Vanjie who “doesn’t walk slow like all those other hoes.” Brooke Lynn of course looked like a beautiful ice princess, but a “don’t mess with me or my homegirls” ice princess. Yvie’s walk was a straight up middle finger to Silky’s earlier comment to Ru that Yvie should go home because she’s “sick.” 

Erica: I was worried that Yvie was going to make her ankle worse, but as she said, it’s possible to push through tough situations instead of complaining (looking at you Miss “I’m in the bottom for being beautiful” Silky). And I’m glad Nina West got screen time during this segment due to her amazing personality. Like Vanjie, I was worried about the jig the queens had to learn and perform for Ru, but it turned out well enough. Yvie was the clear star in her role on the fiddle. 

Brittany: After the jig it was time for the show. And I gotta say, I was kind of underwhelmed. I loved Brooke Lynn’s chambray with a side of Orange Julius look. Yvie incorporated the most organic product into hers, creating a colorful, Hawaiian-inspired look. But overall, I wanted more… produce.

Erica: Brooke Lynn definitely had one of the best looks, so much so that I started to worry that she didn’t incorporate enough of the organic materials. But it’s a testament to her talent for making chic outfits out of anything. This week’s storyline focused on Plastique’s transformation, so it wasn’t a surprise she won, but she totally deserved it with her ethereal firebird look. I was a big fan of Nina West’s corn husk dress and slick purple bob. Though the judges had some more critiques for her, they noted her improvements with proportioning and eagerness to keep elevating herself.

Brittany: When Nina walked out, I loved her outfit, but once I saw the whole look, I felt meh about it. The top was great, but the bottom looked sloppy and like she ran out of time to do a full skirt. It was an interesting idea, and it’s clear she is taking all of the judges critiques in and improving her drag. 

Erica: We should also give a shout out to Vanjie for finally changing up her look with some “rope couture.” The moment I saw A’Keria’s ill-fitting shoulder pads, I knew she was in trouble. And I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I kinda liked Ra’Jah’s outfit, which included burlap pants and a long green braid. However, she still ended up lip syncing for her life to Sheena Easton’s “Strut” alongside A’Keria. 

Brittany: As I texted you mid lip sync, if Ra’Jah wins we boycott. Thankfully, Ra’Jah has officially sashayed away.

Erica: Yes, the self-proclaimed “lip-sync assassin” finally ran out of ammunition. And thank goodness A’Keria is good at air sax. I can’t wait to see what the queens have in store for us next week, especially Nina West, who has a fan in Ross Matthews. “Watch out for Nina.”