'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: Episode Eight, 'Snatch Game At Sea'

Brittany Moseley,Erica Thompson

Brittany:There is so much to unpack, or should I say untuck, after tonight’s episode. We started in the workroom after last week’s elimination (Ra’jah who?) and tensions are THICK. Much of last week’s drama went down during “Untucked” but we get a few details to remind us where the queens stand. Basically, Silky and Vanjie are mad at Yvie. Unlike us viewers who leave the drama behind after an episode wraps, the queens are still going at it.

Erica:I actually went through great lengths to track down last week’s “Untucked” after all the hoopla. I was so happy I was able to witness the drama, as well as Brooke Lynn’s “brought-to-you-by-vodka,” star-making reaction, which launched1,000 memes. I really think she is blossoming even beyond her early front-runner status, although this week’s story arc focused on Silky. But before we get to that, Brittany, where can we purchase Ru Paul’s new book?

Brittany: Available for download or purchase wherever fine books are sold. Speaking of, “GuRu,” this week’s mini challenge saw the queens creating their own self-help books. Erica, what would your self-help book be called? 

Erica: “Don’t Be Fake: Fake the News” is my working title. All the queens did well enough with this challenge. I’m slightly disturbed because wasn’t this the second time Yvie Oddly mentioned eating a baby? Of course Nina was hilarious as always, but it was Silky’s antics that had RuPaul in stitches. 

Brittany: With her self-help book called “The Broad Broad” Nina was able to poke fun at herself and Michelle Visage’s critique from a few episodes ago about her proportions. I did love Silky’s “Eat it: Chronicles of the Buffet.” Food jokes are Silky’s schtick, but like Nina, she gets people to laugh with her not at her.

Erica: Afterwards, the queens found out that they made it to “Snatch Game,” an iconic “Drag Race” challenge that requires them to impersonate a celebrity, while playing a version of “Match Game.” Historically, it has either gone really well or very poorly. Brittany, which celebrity would you impersonate?

Brittany: I spent the entire episode thinking about this, and I’m still torn. I’ve thought of Cher—but if I mess her up, her fans will come for me—Betty White and any one of the Kardashians. Perhaps I could pull a Nina and impersonate all of them. (Side note: I asked my mom who she would pick for herself and she said Cher as well. Just a daily reminder that I am indeed turning into Patty.)

Erica: Yes, Nina made a bold move and portrayed both Harvey Fierstein (who stole scenes in my fave, “Mrs. Doubtfire”) and Jo Anne Worley. To be honest, I was terrified for Nina because I can guarantee millennial viewers did not know these stars. However, I quickly learned you should never doubt Nina West. I was correct to worry about Brooke Lynn, who picked Celine Dion. Her performance, and Yvie Oddly as Whoopi Goldberg, were cringeworthy. It was clear that they were in danger, girl.

Brittany: The queens had three rules to follow: impersonate a celeb, play the game and make us laugh. Brooke Lynn and Yvie failed on all fronts. Brooke Lynn took the Canadian and dialed it up to extra maple syrup, and Yvie forgot she was on “The View.” Vanjie as Danielle Bregoli of “Cash me outside” fame could have been great but it fell flat. Shugawas Charo, from her perky blonde pony to her perkycuchi-cuchis.And I don’t know who Ts Madison is, but Silky did great.

Erica: I was really excited about Vanjie as the “cash me outside” chick, but I think she gave into nerves and insecurity. Later, there was a little bit of debate among the judges: Some felt she missed the mark, but others thought that, because she is “Miss Vanjie” and therefore naturally entertaining, she should get a pass. I guess I’m in the former camp. I agree that Shuga did fine, but she has been playing the middle this whole competition. Even though Ru seemed to think she is growing, I think she might leave soon. Plastique’s role as Lovely Mimi rubbed me the wrong way. She is type-casting herself as the Asian nail tech. But despite my bitterness, she managed to do a decent job, and I’ve actually been impressed with her ability to navigate all of these challenges. But no one was a match for the Reverend, Dr. Silky Nutmeg Ganache (Ru is always adding titles to her name), who ultimately won “Snatch Game.” (Many viewers felt Nina was robbed.)

Brittany: I have to agree with the viewers. Not only did Nina don a sparkling sequined Ohio flag dress for the runway, the girl pulled off two impersonations and, as Michelle Visage pointed out, had Ru laughing the most. Speaking of runway, can we TALK about Brooke Lynn Hytes surprise reveal? The whole judging table was shook.

Erica: I actually have to go back and watch it again because the bar I was in was so loud, I couldn’t hear Ru falling all over herself. I must admit, I was prepared to get upset when I saw her wearing that afro, but she immediately slayed me when she spun around to show off her second look. She absolutely killed her walk, and topped it off with a death drop. Just...put her in the top two with Nina. I’ve seen enough.

Brittany: OK, I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt a little icky about the afro. But once it came off, so did all bets. I think that was her first death drop, too. I adored Shuga’s deep purple gown. It was absolutely stunning, and Ru called it one of her favorite dresses to ever walk down the runway. I also loved Plastique’s sparkly water-inspired pale blue bodysuit that hugged her figure beautifully. Vanjie, I love you, but you and your damn leotards are testing my patience.

Erica: I agree that Shuga looked gorgeous in her eggplant-colored, 100-pound gown. A’Keria was lovely as always. I felt like we’ve seen that cut on Plastique before, and we most definitely have seen Vanjie in that damn bodysuit. Quite frankly, she should have been in the bottom. And I didn’t enjoy Silky and Yvie’s outfits as much as the judges did. I thought Silky could have done a better sewing job, and I finally agreed with Silky’s longstanding characterization of Yvie’s clothing as “cheap.” Unfortunately, their feud is still ongoing, even though Yvie tried to make amends in the workroom. Luckily, she fared better with Vanjie. Those two seem to be in a better space now.

Brittany: In the end, Brooke Lynn’s break-the-runway look wasn’t enough to save her. She and Yvie were sent to lip sync for their lives. And what a lip sync it was. Chills Shouts. Proclamations of, “Can a human body do that?!” (All from me, of course.) Just when you think one might be better than the other, Yvie does a front handspring and loses her wig only to reveal another wig, or Brooke Lynn does a crazy slow-motion headstand.

Erica: What an epic battle! I was terrified the whole time. Both queens were absolutely bringing it to my jam, Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” but I started to worry that Brooke Lynn was being outdone by all of Yvie’s tricks. I found myself thinking, “Brooke, please throw in some pirouettes, stat!” I didn’t know what I would do if she were sent home. Fortunately, Ru allowed them both to stay, coining them the “lip sync assassins” of the season. Hopefully our girl Nina never has to face them, though I now know I should never doubt our Ohio queen.