'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: Episode 13, 'Reunited'

Brittany Moseley,Erica Thompson

Erica:We’re recapping our favorite moments from the reunion. Up first in the hot seat: Branjie. The first onscreen relationship in “Drag Race” history inspired a cute pet name, merchandise and multiple adorable pictures on social media. It’s too bad it didn’t last. We found out Vanjie and Brooke Lynn are no longer an item. It’s clear that Brooke Lynn ended it; the queen who, let’s not forget, has never had a boyfriend, admitting to being afraid of losing her freedom. Meanwhile, Vanjie looked heartbroken. All she wanted was a fairy tale romance like “The Notebook,” and wound up with a Post-It. (Her classic words, not mine.)

Aw, that HUG! Would you want #Branjie back or is it finally time for a drag dating show?! #DragRace pic.twitter.com/vuqNCf1bzO

— RuPaul's Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) May 24, 2019

Brittany:As you know, Erica and I were not fans of Ra’Jah. Seeing the queen finally called out for her perpetual shit-talking and bad attitude was delicious, especially when she floundered through an “apology” to Yvie—which Scarlett quickly called her out for. (Note to Ra’Jah: “I’m sorry you feel that way” might have the same words as an apology, but an apology it is not.) Still, even I felt myself softening a little when Ra’Jah got emotional and confessed to how difficult her time on “Drag Race” was. Regarding her beef with Plastique she said, “Hurt people hurt people, so I’m sorry that I hurt you, sister.” Nowthat’san apology.

Erica: Kenyan queen Mercedes had many troubles during her time on the show, most stemming from a fear of talking about her identity as a Muslim. The reunion found her growing into her confidence, despite a lack of support from family back home. However, she told a touching story of her sisters in America standing by her and encouraging her happiness. There were a few tears from other queens who could relate. Sharing that on the show was a much better use of time than rehashing an off-air social media battle she had with Kahanna Montrese. (Girl, I still don’t know what you were mad about.)

Brittany: Columbus collectively mourned when Nina West was sent home in episode 11. Fortunately, the queen made it far enough in the competition for the rest of the world to fall in love with her too. “Nina, your elimination really broke hearts around the world,” Ru said during tonight’s reunion special. One of those broken hearts belongs to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ru played a video AOC recorded after Nina was eliminated. The “queen from Queens” had nothing but praise and love for Nina. As if things couldn’t get sweeter, Nina then turned the tables and began to praise Ru. “The bravery that you lead with allows all of us to have a voice and have strength in ourselves to continue this legacy,” Nina said. “I hope you know how much it means.” Class act.

@NinaWest's biggest fan is known for making a BIG splash in Congress!

See what the iconic @AOC had to say about her at the season 11 #DragRace reunion TONIGHT at 9/8c on @VH1! pic.twitter.com/wcNbvhalmU

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Erica: I am so glad Mama Ru handles reunion duties. She kept sh*t on track! Thanks to her, we didn’t have queens wandering off on tangents about why they were right or misunderstood or whatever. She gave sage advice, reminding the ladies that “feelings aren’t facts.” She also had them repeat the following mantra: “What other people think of me isn’t my business.” (GuRu is available for download or purchase wherever fine books are sold.) I’m just sorry she wasn’t able to get her “murder she sat down and wrote” moment during WigGate.

Brittany:Speaking of WigGate…. Talk about the drama that wasn’t. None of us are any clearer on whether or not Ariel meant to leave her wigs or didn’t—Ariel included. It was all a whole lot of nonsense, and Ariel had the audacity to be offended when the queens called her out for changing her story (“I’m backpedaling” —Silky). All we learned from WigGate is that even the most ridiculous nonstories can lead to a good sound bite.  When Ru asked Ra’Jah if she took one of Ariel’s wigs home, there was a pregnant pause before Ra’Jah deadpanned, “There was one of her wigs that made it in my suitcase.” I never thought I’d say this but slow clap for you, Miss Ra’Jah.

Tag yourself I’m the wig on the floor #DragRace pic.twitter.com/t8zrH6j0o5

— RuPaul's Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) May 24, 2019