Saintseneca celebrates Chris Farley (among other things) in new single

Andy Downing

“In a Van,” the new single from Saintseneca, is ostensibly about Chris Farley (it takes its title from the late comic’s famed Matt Foley sketch) but it’s also about the haze of memory, the great lengths some will go to in order to please others, nostalgia, the sad weight of time, recovering from loss, and the necessity of remembering those golden moments amid life’s numerous misfires. In other words, it’s a Saintseneca song, and a lovely one, at that.

In a press release, singer and songwriter Zac Little discussed the unusual inspiration for the tune.

“I was revisiting [Chris Farley’s] 'Best Of' with some buds for the first time in well over a decade. This collection was a fixture of goofy-ness growing up, but it felt like a revelation that night. It was a strangely emotional experience. The gauzy 90's TV sheen, the feathery haircuts, a couple cringe-y jokes that didn't age well,” Little said. “But I saw his talent and craft shine through, in a way I had never quite noticed before. It was amazing, funny, and a little sad - knowing the end while witnessing the best all at once. What a weird nostalgia trip to fall into some 25 years later- all tangled up with life and memory - the same old thing, accumulating new meaning with time. I felt old. I felt like a kid.”

Saintseneca kicks off a nationwide tour later this month, which includes a Sept. 28 stop at Land-Grant Brewing.

Listen to “In a Van” below.