Columbus Alive's most-visited stories of the decade*

Andy Downing
A 2017 rally outside a Worthington office complex that used to be a receiving address for money mailed to a neo-Nazi website

With the decade having recently come to a close, we thought we’d revisit the most-trafficked Alive stories of the 2010s. Or at least that was the plan. Unfortunately, our system will only allow us to access data dating back to August 2015. With that in mind, here are our top 10 most-visited stories from the past five(ish) years.

10. The List: The nine circles of Columbus hell

The List is one of those features that tends to have a long online shelf life, which is why you’ll find numerous entries from it within this top 10, beginning with this misery-filled journey.

9. Interview with Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, part 1

Chris DeVille’s massive two-parter remains the longest sit-down interview you can find with the Columbus duo, which accounts for its continued popularity.

8. The List: 17 Ohio State traditions that (probably) won’t get anyone fired … and the stories behind them

This 2014 List traces the roots of myriad OSU traditions, which makes it a search engine staple.

7. This is the top-rated tourist attraction in Columbus, Ohio

We were surprised to learn this nondescript German Village building housed the top-rated local tourist attraction on TripAdvisor, and apparently you were, too.

6. Q&A: Prankster Roman Atwood

I can’t believe this guy was a thing. Is he still? If he is, don’t tell me.

5. The List: 10 best ‘Ghostbusters’ quotes

Thanks, Google search algorithm.

4. The disappearance of Tyler Davis and the rise of the true crime complex

The case remains unsolved, with police most recently making appeals to the public for more information.

3. What happened to Joey LaBute?

Another never-solved case that has long stumped authorities.

2. Multiple women accuse Actual Brewing founder Fred Lee of sexual assault

It’s also worth visiting this subsequent Columbus Monthly feature, which takes a wider look at the local brewing industry #MeToo moment that popped up in the wake of our report.

1. The White Nationalist from Worthington

In the years since the early 2017 publication of this feature, neo-Nazi Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin has been covered by myriad national outlets and faced multiple lawsuits. He’s also seen his website largely deplatformed and his ability to generate income greatly hindered. His current location remains unknown.