Cartoonist Carta Monir donates hundreds of pages of original art to the Billy

Joel Oliphint
Original art by Carta Monir

In yet another get for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, cartoonist Carta Monir has donated a large collection of her art to the OSU space. This comes on the heels of recent Billy acquisitions such as the collections of Marmaduke creator Brad Anderson, Archie artist Dan DeCarlo, contemporary graphic novelist (and former Alive cartoonist) Noah Van Sciver and others.

The newest donation includes “nearly all of the original art I created since the end of college, including a substantial amount of art I created before coming out as a woman. Many of the pieces are no longer in print, and some of them have never been printed anywhere. Most of the stories are complete,” Monir said in a press release.

In addition to being an artist, Monir is also the founder and publisher of Diskette Press, which publishes and distributes comics and zines by trans and queer artists. According to the press release, “Monir’s own minicomics and zines marry her fascination for analog technologies with autobiographical narratives about her experiences as a trans woman, family loss, abuse, grief and resiliency.”

In email to the Billy, Monir said she chose to donate her original art to the Billy because she loves visiting the museum and has had “some very emotional experiences there. Knowing that my art would be taken care of alongside the art of some of my greatest heroes just means the world to me.”

In addition to the collections of Monir, Anderson, DeCarlo and Van Sciver, the Billy also holds collections from Jeff Smith, Edie Fake, Katie Green, Mike Ritter and others. The library and museum holds more than 3 million pieces in all.