Daily Distraction: Watch Tiny Desk concerts from Columbus bands

Joel Oliphint
A still from Sam Corlett's Tiny Desk submission on YouTube

You're likely familiar with NPR's Tiny Desk concert series, which began as a humble endeavor but now attracts the likes of Coldplay and Lizzo, all of whom perform behind an arguably large desk at NPR headquarters. 

Every year the public radio network invites musicians to submit their own Tiny Desk videos to a contest, and this year is no different (except for all the ways that it is completely different). Recently, submissions from Columbus bands have begun to trickle out. Here's a few (below) from Damn the Witch Siren, Sam Corlett, the West Ghost and, for good measure, No Stars, a promising act from nearby Athens, Ohio. 

More submissions are likely on the way, so keep your eye out, and once all the entries are in, be sure to head to WOSU to check out the full listing of bands, including the radio station's favorite.