Daily Distraction: The Ringer's Rob Harvilla earns a 10.0

Andy Downing
Fiona Apple

In mid-April, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, the new album from musician Fiona Apple, received a rare perfect score from Pitchfork, the first 10.0 offered up by the music site in nearly a decade.

Owing to the occasion, Rob Harvilla of The Ringer went long on the history and impact of the rating, talking to various critics who penned "perfect" reviews, as well as site founder Ryan Schreiber, who explained the 10.0 scale thusly: "I liked that it felt kind of scientific without any actual science to it.That kind of absurdity was really funny to me.”

Harvilla also talks with one writer who now regrets assigning his 10.0, but you'll need to read the feature to find out which album now gives that reviewer pause. (Hint: It's the same record that apparently helped earn Harvilla a speeding ticket on an Ohio freeway in 2002.)