Daily Distraction: Vice highlights the heroes among us

Andy Downing
Unemployment application

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services received (deserved) backlash from workers and employee rights activists for introducing a policy that asked employers to report workers who quit or refused to report due to concerns over COVID-19, including those who had health conditions that might make them more susceptible to infection.

But, as reported by Vice, the state is reconsidering its options after hackers targeted the reporting website, flooding it with junk data to make the processing of claims impossible.

“No benefits are being denied right now as a result of a person’s decision not to return to work while we continue to evaluate the policy,"ODJFS Director Kimberly Hall told Cleveland.com.

And while the hacker's script has stopped working after Ohio updated the site, an anonymous hero told Vice that the hackers intend to release an updated version of the code to carry on their mission. Godspeed.