Daily Distraction: Michael Kiwanuka offers a 'Light' amid dark days

Andy Downing
Image from Michael Kiwanuka's "Light" video

Michael Kiwanuka's third album, Kiwanuka, one of the best released last year, continues to be depressingly timely. “It’s on the news again/I guess they killed another," he sings forlornly on "Hero."

But with "Light," which received gorgeous video treatment today (see below), the soul singer does his best to uplift in the midst of tragic times.

"The way so much of the world has been designed has often caused me and so many other Black people psychological damage," he wrote in a press release accompanying news of the video. "We so often hear that we are lesser than because we are Black. We are a label, a token, a statistic, and we can be dehumanized. I've spoken about it in my music but I wanted to declare in words that I'm so proud to be Black. We are so beautiful and have such a wonderful history of strength, overcoming, talent, innovation, creativity, invention and love."

And it's on full display here.