Daily Distraction: Gelatinus Cube covers Wesley Willis

Andy Downing
Gelatinus Cube photographed in 2018

In interviews about the recording process, bands will often express a desire to capture "what it sounds like when all of us get together in a room."

With COVID preventing these close-knit gatherings, for the time being, the locals in Gelatinus Cube went the opposite direction for a new cover of the Wesley Willis song "I'm Running My Inkpen," with the bandmates setting up in individual rooms scattered across the city and then beaming together via a series of webcams.

The cover stays true to the spirit of the original and continues a welcome trend of fresh attention being paid to the late Chicago musician and street artist, following the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, which added seven of Willis' drawings to its permanent collection in December.

Listen to Gelatinus Cube's version of "I'm Running My Inkpen" below.