Daily Distraction: Take a spin through 'Northern Lights' with P.A. Flex and Co.

Andy Downing
P.A. Flex

In mid-September,  P.A. Flex, best known for his time in the landmark (and still active) local rap group the 3rd Power, announced the formation of a new record label: North City Music Group.

The label debuted with a roster that includes Flex, Co City (Flex's brother and 3rd Power cohort), L.O.O.T. and Kaz Oliver, all of whom appear in the new video for "Northern Lights," the lead single off of recently released compilation album De'Cure.

"As you get older and have kids, you get to a point where you want to have something to give them, and we’re in a space now where, if you’re a creator, you should aim to own something that you’re doing," Flex said in an Alive interview about the label's creation. "I still want to be the guy who puts out tons and tons of great songs. But now it’s more about ownership and setting up companies that we can affect the world with, and also have equity in that art.”

Despite its name, "Northern Lights" takes its inspiration from the streets rather than the heavens, sharing a name with the North Side shopping plaza. Fittingly, the four rappers navigate tracks as effortlessly as one might a crowded strip mall, taking turns weaving through the rich, soulful beat.

Check out the song in the video below.