Daily Distraction: The Electric Grandmother dials up a new video for 'Space Phone'

Andy Downing
The Electric Grandmother

The new video for the Electric Grandmother track "Space Phone," which was lovingly handmade by band member Mary Alice Hamnett during the pandemic-plagued first half of 2020, takes its inspiration from a Valentine's Day card that featured a pair of astronauts.

"The song tells the story of two astronaut-lovers who miss each other when separated by mission duties, so they reach each other on the phone while one is spacewalking and the other is back on the ship," Pete Faust wrote in a Facebook message. "The inspiration for the song comes from our real-life experience as teenagers in a long-distance relationship and paying hundreds of dollars in phone bills."

The calls, Pete wrote, basically cost him his monthly Burger King salary.

While watching the video, which you can view below, keep an eye out for a couple of pet-related Easter eggs, too, including the pair's current cat, Halloween Jack, who can be spotted briefly on the rocket ship, as well as their late cat, Betty, who makes a fly-by appearance.