The return of crabcore: Attack Attack! is back

Joel Oliphint
A still from Attack Attack's infamous 2010 video for "Stick Stickly," which now has nearly 14 million views.

Overnight, long-idle Columbus metalcore band Attack Attack!posted a photo to a new Instagram account accompanied by three crab emojis and three hashtags: "#crabcore #attackattack #metalcore"

It appears new music is on the way from Attack Attack!, a band that was popular as it was derided, mostly due to the screamo/dance/metal group's video for "Stick Stickly" (which now has nearly 14 million views). Loudwire reports that Attack Attack! is recording new music with producer Joey Sturgis.

No word yet on the band lineup, but before Attack Attack! burrowed underground, Westerville native Caleb Shomo had taken over lead vocal duties. Since then, Shomo has focused his energies on Beartooth, a sick band Alive accompanied behind the scenes at the AP Music Awards in 2016.

While Beartooth and Attack Attack! may not be familiar to music fans of a certain age, for another generation, the idea of Attack Attack! reforming is the metalcore reunion they've been dreaming of. To wit: "Attack Attack" was briefly trending on Twitter today.

For a trip down memory lane, revisit Chris Deville's 2010 interview with the band.

A photo from a newly created Attack Attack! Instagram account.