Daily Distraction: Join in Nina West's 'Quarantine Dream'

Andy Downing
Andrew Levitt as Nina West

Amid the ongoing pandemic, many are logging more time than usual at home, including California-based Disney animator Dan Lund and Columbus drag icon Nina West, who recently took advantage of these house-bound hours to team up for a new musical video, "Quarantine Dream."

The stay-at-home-themed clip opens with West scrubbing her hands at the kitchen sink (a regular part of life amid COVID) before it takes a more fantastical, "Fantasia"-like turn, the drag queen dancing through her apartment with a bevy of animated bubbles. 

I feel like I am my very own self-made Disney princess of sorts now,” West said in a press release. “I mean, Mary Poppins and Bert got to dance with penguins, and thanks to Dan, I get to dance with bubbles. It is so wonderful and beautiful!”

Watch "Quarantine Dreams" below.