Daily Distraction: Listen to the risky U2 album that never was with Casper Clausen

Joel Oliphint

I'm a longtime U2 fan, though, like many (most?) acolytes of Bono and the Edge, I rarely revisit much of the music the band has released in the past 15 to 20 years. While each album has the stray good song or two, the band has never managed to break out of its rut and do something truly groundbreaking — or even just slightly outside of the U2 box, for that matter.

But in the current Album of the Week review on Stereogum, Chris DeVille has a solution: Casper Clausen.

I'd forgotten Clausen's name, but I remembered his music with Danish act Efterklang, a band we all fell in love with at Donewaiting back in the day. Clausen also performs with Liima, and he has a new solo album out, Better Way, which, DeVille argues, "often sounds like Bono setting his vocals to a selection of tracks far more adventurous and rewarding than anything U2 have recorded in years. You want to hear Bono singing over a peppy, percolating rhythm that recalls LCD Soundsystem, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and all their favorite Bowie and Kraftwerk records? Opening track 'Used To Think' is for you. Bono doing his own version of late-period Radiohead? 'Feel It Coming,' coming right up! Bono getting his Bon Iver on? Cue up 'Dark Heart.'"

I checked out the Clausen tracks below, and DeVille is spot on. Enjoy.