Daily Distraction: Listen to Black Pumas take on a Kinks classic

Andy Downing
Black Pumas

Grammy-nominated soul band Black Pumas recently teamed with Lucius to record a cover of the Kinks song "Strangers," released in 1970. The song is set to appear in the trailer for the YouTube Originals documentary "Life In a Day," which is culled from user-submitted footage recorded on the same day (July 25, 2020) all around the globe. The film, directed by Kevin MacDonald ("The Last King of Scotland"), will screen free on YouTube beginning Saturday, Feb. 6.

“To me, ‘Strangers’ has a really interesting way of cutting through straight to the soul,” Black Pumas frontman Eric Burton said in a press release. “I had such a good time inhabiting this honest reflection on love lost and the triumph that is a resilient human spirit.”

On a slight tangent, Ray Davies of the Kinks still stands as one of the more unexpectedly generous musicians I've been fortunate to interview, both in terms of his time and his insights. Here he is talking about how the character in "Waterloo Sunset" is the one with which he most closely identified: "He's an outsider. He observes people. He doesn't walk off with the girl in the end. I'm trying to put that part of the story to rights, because I'd like to end up with the girl once in a while rather than watch them go off ... across the river."

Watch Black Pumas and Lucius cover the Kinks below.