Profile: Beth Triffon

Heather Gross, Columbus Alive

Making it as an actor in LA can require a little bit of luck, a lot of embarrassing moments and, occasionally, some compromising of morals.

"I feel like these experiences are so sad sometimes that you're either going to laugh or cry, so I feel like we should just laugh," said Beth Triffon, a Columbus native and Otterbein alumna who has been navigating the overpopulated Southern California acting industry for several years now. (You've probably seen her in a Swiffer commercial where she plays a piece of dirt in search of love.)

Triffon and a friend, Sean Edwards, have been focusing on the humor in their trials by creating and starring in "The F-List," a Web series about two actor friends who are trying to make it big.

The idea for the show came to them when they were telling each other horror stories about their auditions.

"All of a sudden we had 20 stories, and we kept laughing. We were like, we've got to make video blogs about just how embarrassing our life is," Triffon said.

As the stories turned into scripts, the vlog idea was set aside. "The F-List" became a full production, complete with crew members from the American Film Institute and CBS - where Triffon works as an assistant to the executive producer of "The Price is Right" - actors from theScreen Actors Guild and a director who was formerly a casting director for Disney. The show features music by Columbus band The Floorwalkers.

Each episode of "The F-List," which has so far been funded by donations on, is based on a real experience. One upcoming installment was inspired by Triffon's audition for a Carl's Jr. commercial. It was the first audition her new agent set up for her, so she felt pressure to do well. The only problem? The spot involved eating chicken nuggets, and she's been a vegetarian since her early teens.

"I had a moral dilemma because I'm so committed to animals, but I can't upset my agent. I was like, 'If I get a commercial I'll have some money. Oh my God.' And I just ate so many chicken nuggets," she said.

The third episode of "The F-List" is set to premiere Jan. 15 on the series' website, and Triffon says she's going to begin shopping the show around to new-media companies and sites that fund Web shows. She's already got about 10 scripts ready, but she looks forward to collecting more material.

"Now every time something bad happens to me I get really excited because I can make it into an 'F-List' episode," she said with a laugh.

Photo by Alysia Burton

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