Exhibit: Open Spaces, Weathered Faces at the Ohio History Center

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

The Ohio History Center just opened an exhibition of photography by Joe Munroe, whose photography of rural American life from the 1940s on is a continuation of the storyline started with iconic Depression-era images. The photos give us city-dwellers a feeling for the sweat, aches and sheer will it takes to forge a life off the land.

Munroe studied photography with Ansel Adams and was a photographer for Frank Lloyd Wright. The influence of both men is felt in these images of the people, animals and machinery that make rural living possible.

The photos show, "how our relationship to the land has changed, yet it hasn't. We're a little further removed from it, but it's still the same basic process. You still have to work the land to get your food and you still have to raise livestock to get your protein," said Sharon Dean, director of museum and library services for the Ohio Historical Society.

Ohio History Center

Through Nov. 25

800 E. 17th Ave., North Side