Preview: Outsiders photo exhibition at Junctionview

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Artist Aaron Driggers describes the inspiration for the one-night-only photography exhibition “Outsiders” this way: “I mean, three oddball photographers with the same desire to share beauty but in our own way? It had to be something special, and really, a show just made sense.”

Those “oddballs” are Driggers, Claudia Susana and Amanda Jasnowski. All three photographers are Columbus transplants, having come to the Buckeye state from Florida, Canada and Spain.

“Outsiders” references the artists’ status as non-native Ohioans, and the show is a collection of portraits each photographer snapped of their (sometimes nude) new neighbors. The 40 or so photos on view come from myriad sources, such as film, digital, toy cameras, phones and scanners.

“Cameras are great and great cameras are amazing,” Driggers said. “But when you find some of your favorite photos came from your phone, or when you are messing around on a scanner … and get an awesome moment you have to share, or some crappy plastic camera that technically takes horrible photos [that] are your most prized captures, you learn to stop worrying about megapixels and fancy lenses and just steal an amazing moment.”

Amazing moments will be in full supply at “Outsiders.” Each artist has a unique visual voice, from Driggers’ beauty-rich street style to Susana’s fantastic stories to Jasnowski’s unexpected moments of magnitude. Never lost is the individuality innate in a powerful portrait.

“Humans are strange, beautiful creatures full of quirks, subtleties, and imperfections, each one different than the other,” Driggers said of what attracts him to portrait photography. “Hell, even identical twins aren’t identical. Nothing brings us more joy than exploring these odd little animals — and stealing their souls — two dimensions at a time.”

“Dark Water,” by Claudia Susana

Junctionview Studios

7 p.m.-12 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 22

889 Williams Ave., Grandview