Preview: From One Foot to the Other

Jay Weitz, Columbus Alive

Dancer and choreographer CocCo Loupe states it bluntly, "I'm a mover. I'm not a writer." Yet for years she penned a blog, "From One Foot to the Other." "I fantasized about having this ongoing, publicly accessible explanation and in effect, 'duplicate' version of my dances. … What I discovered is that those thoughts went into the dance. I couldn't ever recapture them in words in a way that felt satisfying to me."

Earlier this year, she pulled the proverbial plug on the blog, deciding to stop "giving away little pieces of myself that I actually wanted to keep close and private. I wanted them to stay in my imagination so that they could build and layer into new dances and new artworks and new perceptions."

Now, harnessing the creativity of three performers who "have come to dance later in life" plus members of the local dance collective They Might Be Dancers and others, Loupe has transmuted those built-up imaginings into the dance bearing the same name as the defunct blog.

Although she used the moods, ideas, and words of blog posts to generate gestures and dance phrases, she was thrilled to find that "the richest, loveliest and most captivating movement and motion and the stuff that I've learned the most from and like to watch the most is the movement that has been created by everyone else. Their unique voices … bring something ephemeral and transcendent to this work. It's the stuff that really speaks the thoughts of the dance."


1199 Goodale Blvd., Grandview

8 p.m. Friday-Saturday, Sept. 28-29