January Gallery Hop preview

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Roy G Biv Gallery

The ritualistic manner in which we spend money and time on decorating our spaces - whether it's for Christmas or the Fourth of July - is the interest of the art by Elijah Funk and Shawn McBride at Roy G Biv's January show.

The holiday references in the pair's installations are not overt. It's also not one big bashing of consumerism and holiday spirit.

"It's not that decorating is a bad thing," Funk said. "We like the holidays too."

People just seem to always be looking for what's next.

"It's interesting that if [the decoration] is there past its time it's not interesting anymore," Funk said. "It's trash."

The artists played with celebratory color schemes and used various media to present their ideas. One installation includes a witch hat dried in the side of a cement pedestal.

"We did a lot with how people are stuck in their ways," Funk said. "But we're never pointing a finger. It's kind of like, 'Oh yeah, we're all stuck.'"

If there's any finger pointing, it's at the artists themselves.

"It's pretty funny to spend months and hours on something that's only going to be up, sometimes, for a few days," Funk said. "Decorating is similar to making art in that way."

Joining Funk and McBride's work is a waiting room of the future, including fictional pamphlets and plants, made by Funk's fellow Roy G Biv co-worker Samantha Rehark. The three artists are good friends, connecting over their work with the gallery's Emerging Artists Series and creating zine-style books together.

"I graduated [from CCAD] this past spring and I'm really excited to be part of something new in town," Funk said. "There are a lot of us working in a manner that's really different than presenting artwork in a gallery. People should pay attention to the recent graduates of this town."

As for roommates Funk and McBride's Olde Towne East dwelling, Funk said it looks like it is decorated for Halloween year-round.

Sharon Weiss Gallery

Once an illustrator of kid's books and for Highlights for Children, Westerville painter Steven Walker now uses a childlike curiosity about the world around him to paint countryside scenes that rouse a grown-up sense of calm.

Candle Lab

The tops of German Village homes, telephone wires and bird's eye views of alleyways and housing plots inspire the oil paintings of Christopher Burk. While instantly attractive, they are also lonely in an Edward Hopper sort of way, quietly depicting a town so full of life but devoid of interaction.

Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio

Reynoldsburg resident Bruce Griffin re-creates imagery from his dreams with acrylic paint and wood cutouts. Gorilla suits, crabs in space and Freud, oh my!

Gallery Hop

4-10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 5

Short North

"Elijah Funk, Shawn McBride and Samantha Rehark"

Jan. 5-26 at Roy G Biv Gallery

Paintings by Steven Walker

Jan. 4-30 at Sharon Weiss Gallery

Paintings by Christopher Burk

Through Jan. 31 at The Candle Lab

"Bruce Griffin: Acrylics on Assembled Wood Cut-Outs"

Through Jan. 26 at Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio