Previews: ImageOhio 13

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

More than 25 Ohio artists will have work in the 2013 edition of ImageOhio, Roy G Biv gallery's competitive annual exhibition of photography and film. But that doesn't mean viewers won't notice some re-occurring ideas.

"As far as the still images, there are a certain number of works that situate themselves explicitly with the history of photography and embed themselves with a very knowing lineage of photography history," said ImageOhio 13's curator Bill Horrigan, the Wexner Center's curator at large. "A number of people also worked in serial formats."

For example, the "quite beautiful and almost abstract" series of photographs of ceilings throughout the Ohio State campus, Horrigan said; or another artist's powerful photographs of landscapes today that were used as Japanese internment camps during WWII.

Horrigan also noted the images by Leah Fisher. They are "really striking images of working class people in Columbus," Horrigan said, noting that during his curatorial process, all the photographers and filmmakers were anonymous to him. "I was half-jokingly referring to that person as the Zoe Strauss."

The filmmakers are not to be outshined, either. Around nine moving-image works will be in ImageOhio, including "Pigment," by Alexis McCrimmon. "Pigment" is a 12-minute personal essay about a woman living with vitiligo, a skin diseases that results in a loss of pimentation; it mixes live action footage with illustration.

"There are many refreshing points of view," Horrigan said of the final lineup. "It's a lot of highly varied work in terms of the totality. The trick is to make it all live harmoniously in that space."

Shot Tower Gallery at Fort Hayes

Jan. 14-Feb. 15

546 Jack Gibbs Blvd., Downtown