February Gallery Hop preview

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive
"4 Women in Print"

"4 Women in Print"

Marcia Evans Gallery

If Lisa Frank's art grew up and moved to the country, it might look something like the escapist landscapes by Caroline Rowntree. Bright, unnatural colors and soft lines form the one-dimensional illustrations of scenic forests, barns and roads.

A New York transplant, Rowntree and her husband, Paul, who is a painter, moved to Columbus four years ago. The artists live and work in a renovated car mechanic garage in Schumacher Place. Rowntree was a graphic designer in the Big Apple, and clients sought her, she said, for her talent in making unusual color combinations work.

Rowntree photographs landscapes and then re-creates them on Illustrator, working in a similar manner as she does when painting - working from the background forward. Before making the illustrations, Rowntree was painting acrylic on canvas geometric patterns inspired by the intricacies of patchwork quilts.

"There's a spontaneity about it that I like," Rowntree said of illustrating the images on the computer versus painting them. "I'm able to get the colors that I really want and can edit easily."

Joining Rowntree's colorful meditations at Marcia Evans Gallery this month is work by three other female artists creating art with print media: Sandy Kight, Christine Guillot Ryan and Paula Zinsmeister.

"Young Hearts 2"

Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio

This is the second year for the gallery's Young Hearts exhibition, composed of artwork by CCAD students inspired by everyone's favorite four-letter word, love. The 12 selected works, juried by OSU art faculty member Chris Taylor, represent multiple disciplines. One student will take home a Best of Show award during Gallery Hop.

"Sara Drake and Dina Kelberman"

Roy G Biv Gallery

Artwork by comic artist and illustrator Sara Drake joins that of Dina Kelberman, whose "I'm Google" series is a Tumblr blog of photos sifted from Google image searches. The photos and videos represent a long stream of consciousness based on similarities in form, color and theme.

Photos by Meghan Ralston

"4 Women in Print"

Caroline Rowntree

Gallery Hop

Short North Arts District

4-10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2