Previews: Trenton Doyle Hancock

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive
"Regent of Positivity," by Trenton Doyle Hancock

The Mounds are a species of fictional creatures that are partly plant, partly human. An ape-man spawned them thousands of years ago after, ahem, sharing his seed with a bunch of flowers in a field.

The tale of the homely Mounds is continuously told by the race's real creator, Trenton Doyle Hancock, a multimedia artist who lives in Houston. The Canzani Center Gallery at CCAD is hosting a show of his works this month.

Hancock holds the honor of being one of the youngest artists to show at the prestigious Whitney Biennial (in 2000 and 2002). His artwork portrays the mythical creatures' struggle with life and death, good and evil, often re-tooling Biblical stories with themes of morality and balancing it with his own brand of absurdist wit. The continuous and developing narrative is told through sculpture, collage, painting and print.

The artist will be featured in the gallery's Room project space and will visit for an artist's talk on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Canzani Center Gallery

Feb. 4-March 14

Cleveland Avenue and Gay Street, CCAD