Behind the Scenes: "This Inspired That" pairs artists for unique show

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

For Open Door Art Studio's latest exhibit, "This Inspired That," members of the collective Creative Arts of Women selected a piece of art made by a member of Open Door, a nonprofit gallery and studio in Grandview that serves artists with disabilities. From there, the women created an artwork that was inspired by… well, you get it. It's pretty self-explanatory, but the obvious premise belies the multi-faceted work that resulted from this prompt.

At the show, the Open Door piece is hung beside the accompanying CAW piece. Symbols on the title sticker beside each alerts you to which is the original work by an Open Door artist and which was made by a CAW artist.

Do a once over first, and just let the visual references of one to the other sink in. (Perhaps you do this already, dear art show attendee; however, I tend to go right for the description placard - I want answers! - and while they are definitely worth reading in this show, you'd be remiss to not just experience the art first.)

Why? Because it's interesting to identify what you think is a product of the "inspiration" and then compare it to what the CAW artist said motivated her artistic choices.

Some of the CAW members who work at Open Door (Caitlyn Lynch, Allison Buenger, Sharon Dorsey) drew from their experiences interacting with the artists whose work they had selected.

"[Calvin Willis] just draws," Lynch wrote. "To watch him work is to see an artist fully engaged in the act of making art. The drawing emerges as a record of his actions."

Other CAW artists were associative in their inspiration. Multi-media sculptor Lisa McLymont played on Linda Hoffman's painted kinetic colors and shapes; they reminded McLymont of the rough textures created when she hammers metal for her sculpture pieces.

"How could I create hammered metal to be like these brushstrokes," she asked, "without resorting to cutting the metal or making it look too perfect?"

Whether it's from content, perspective, technique or medium, inspiration, this show says, comes in all stripes. And so do our community's artists.

Open Door Art Studio

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