Staff Pick: Free Comic Book Day, aka The Best Day of the Year

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If there’s a “Day” with a capital ‘D’ that’s closest to my heart, it’s Free Comic Book Day (frankly, it should be a national holiday). What could be cooler than free comics, live music, local artwork, free food and grown men inappropriately squeezed into superhero costumes?

And besides the free comics (did I mention that?), the icing on this nerd cake is always the celebrity appearances. For instance, Clintonville’s Laughing Ogre will host Brian Wood (“The Massive,” “Star Wars,” “Conan the Barbarian”) and Hilliard’s Packrat Comics will host Brian O’Halloran (“Clerks”).

If this is your first year, might I suggest dressing comfortably (though I understand that Batman spandex costume is mighty tempting) and preparing ahead of time by scanning to find a store near you and see which available comics most pique your interest.

At participating comic book stores

Saturday, May 4