Arts previews: "Transplanted" exhibit focuses on meanings of environment

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive
"Mantle, Cloud-Struck Sky," by Catherine Bell Smith

This season is a clever time to show this visual art exhibit of new works by local artists Catherine Bell Smith, Mabi Ponce de Leon and Lauren Mudd. Each artist's work takes root in the various meanings of environment.

Bell Smith is an explorer of nature's relationship to things man-made. She uses inspiration as well as collected seeds, stems and bark from her daily walks to draw connections between these two disparate ideas in her sculptures and paintings.

Ponce de Leon, an Argentina native who has also called Mexico home, pulls from her international experience, musing on the disorientation travel can cause. The surfaces of her oil and acrylic paintings are layers of collaged maps and diagrams.

Interested in the environmental uniqueness of rural and urban environments, Mudd makes sculptures that employ light and found natural objects to quietly, physically engage the viewer.

Spring: A time for renewal, hope and new art.

Ray's Living Room

May 18-June 29

17 Brickel St., Short North