Technique Talk: Painter Adam Crum

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Adam Crum's artworks - and Adam Crum himself - have a sense of humor, but, boy, can this boy can werk. He's painted the exterior murals at Franklinton's Tommy's Diner and The Florentine, an anamorphic perspective floor mural at Polaris Fashion Place, an installation painting at West Elm and a mural inside Lucky 13 hair salon in Clintonville. Oh, and The Gordon Gee recently received a portrait he commissioned from Crum.

The artist alerted Alive to his Candy Crush addiction and the Steven Tyler/ Julia Roberts connection. More importantly, he's got some great advice for fledgling artists. Read his interview below and definitely check out more of his powerful work here. Warning: Clicking through his funny captions is addictive.

What kind of art do you make?

Pop culture fuels my creativity. Even though sometimes my work is considered political, the bottom line isme being stupid or funnyor ironic.Iam a muralist, portraitist, cartoonist, andinterior stylist. I've always felt that it's not about the kind of art I make,for me it's whether or not it accurately conveys either the whimsical, colorful,and/or raunchy nature of my personality. That'smore what makes my artwork mine.

When do you make art?

Usually when I am inspired, which depends on my environment. I am a major night owl. Most of my paintings are finished after 4 a.m.withfour pots of coffee.

How often do you make art?

Constantly, as long as boredom existsand art supplies areaccessible....As long as Jewel makes poetry, and Chick Fil-Ahates gays…as longas toddlers drink Red Bull andPaula Deenspouts slurs...aslong as people eat pizzaand Steven Tyler and Julia Roberts look the same… I willbe here creating art.

Where do you make art?

Usually on my couch... at the little house on the prairie.Ifindthat the closer my work is to my living space the more I work on it. When I had a separate studio Ifoundthe commuteto be a chore,I doand will forever miss old studio-mates from Junctionview, and my former co-membersof Couchfire Collective.

What has been inspiring your work lately?

Candy Crush Saga

What advice that you've found invaluable would you give a new artist?

Playa lot of Candy Crush Saga. Besides that, constantly create. If you are timid about submitting to shows, just submit.You may get rejected, maybe accepted, but at least you know that youtried and learned whateveryou took from the experience. Alsogo to as many art events as you can; it is reallya lot about networking. Andif someone wants to learn to paint realism… practice and learn to appreciate patience.

What do you do while you work?

Either listen to doom metal or cheesy indie rock or old punkor drink Mountain Dew and Tech Deck.

Do you ever experience artists' block? What do you do to combat it?

I can always draw, it's just whether or not thesubject matter is conceptuallyrelevant or not. Sometimes I just draw it anyway. I'll take my stuff outside if it's nice; thechange in environmentis usuallyall I need to jumpstart something.

Three artists, living or dead, that you would invite to a dinner party:

Lucian Freud, Joseph Beuys, Vanilla Ice