Today in Big Brother news

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

1) A player on the new season of the reality TV game show "Big Brother" hails from Columbus. Nick Uhas is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who lives in New York but calls Hilliard home and Ohio State his alma mater (he was also on the university's homecoming court and a member of Delta Tau Delta). Apparently he's also an internationally known professional rollerblader? Learn more about Nick here. Good luck, bro. Make us proud. (In this promo photo Nick is the one in the blue sweater reaching out his hand.)

2) To honor the 110th birthday of author George Orwell, who coined the term Big Brother to describe the state of constantly being watched by those in power in his dystopian novel "1984," a pair of artists put sparkly birthday hats on surveillance cameras. In addition to sparking awareness of the low-profile cameras and how much Orwell's commentary applies today, technology wearing birthday hats is hilarious/ awesome. Check out more at the artists' website,