Arts preview: "Poetics of Pattern" examines ever-presence of, well, patterns

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If my patterned-in-plaid shirt says anything, it’s that I simply like button-ups and stripes. However, the Riffe’s Gallery newest exhibition, “Poetics of Pattern” wants to call attention to the pattern’s ever-presence and its instrumental character in composing systematic, clearlycomposed work.

The 13 artists who have their work on exhibition delve into this concept of pattern, producing painting and sculpture that capture this entity. In doing so, the work connects the otherwise easy-to-overlook pattern to something of reverence. The works in “Poetics of Pattern” serve as a testament to the importance of repetition.

All of the artists are based in Ohio, including Columbus’ own Susan Li O’Connor (who also has work on display at the Columbus Museum as part of the “Surface Tension” exhibit.)

This exhibition is about having patterns consume the constantly busy viewer, in such a way that life becomes orderly—even for just a moment.

Riffe Gallery

July 25-Oct. 6

77 S. High St., Downtown