Arts preview: "The :nv:s:ble Play"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It’s easy to feel anonymous working in an office. Between the elaborate mazes of cubicles and omnipresent digital technology, it’s possible to go hours, if not days, without any physical interaction with another human being.

“The :nv:s:ble Play,” a work by Philadelphia playwright Alex Dremann, takes the concept one step further when an office drone named Colin (Erik Sternberger) completely vanishes from view after his love for co-worker Fran (Katharine Pilcher) goes unnoticed.

It’s at this point Colin discovers an office full of similarly invisible office mates, who work in tandem with him to help him win his crush’s affections.

Andy Batt directs this local production.


8 p.m. Thursday-Sunday, Sept. 6- 7 and 13-14

227 N. Third St., Downtown