Arts preview: Sherrilyn Kenyon, New York Times' bestselling fantasy author latest in Thurber House series

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Fantasy is coming in hard here in Columbus. Sherrilyn Kenyon is riding the wave of touring fantasy authors via the Thurber House, following the authors of "The Sundering" who came last month.

I'm not complaining though - fantasy's bad rap is finally being diminished with these visits and the hit TV shows and movies based some fantasy source material.

That said, the upcoming author evening features one of fantasy's most prestigious. Kenyon has been in the No. 1 slot of The New York Times' bestseller list oh, just a mere 12 times. No biggie.

Her newest book, "Styxx," is a part of her favored "Dark Hunters" series. It's a gnarly set of books about soulless guardians who help humans in their fight against any demons that threaten their existence. In "Styxx," two otherwise conflicting brothers must become a team in order to thwart an ancient evil.

Meeting the mind behind such works is going to be a neat experience, and I'm sure there will be time to ask Kenyon all about it.

Columbus Museum of Art

7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 16

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