Arts preview: Bruce Munro's Franklin Park installation heavy on light

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Franklin Park Conservatory's embellishment savvy is nowhere near unknown. The latest in their art exhibition-meets-flora mesh is by British light-based artist Bruce Munro, whose expertise lies in creating spacious installations that utilize light as an integral element of the work.

Mind you, this is not natural light we're talking. This is a light bulb extravaganza, and the exhibition is especially captivating in the variability of light's use; some of the pieces will sporadically sparkle while others maintain a glow.

Munro's work for Franklin Park is unique to its space. Even a couple of Munro's acclaimed works -"Water Towers" and "Field of Light" - are adjusted to fit the conservatory. There will also be other, never-before-seen-in-the-United States pieces installed as well.

The collision of darkness and stark light is always one of the most intriguing sights - I like to think of looking at the night sky through observatory. The conservatory has some later-night engagements for this exhibition to reinforce Munro's lighting.

Franklin Park Conservatory

Sept. 25-Feb. 8, 2014

1777 E. Broad St., Downtown