Arts preview: "Out of Time" encapsulates Colin Dunne's growth as a dancer

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Even for someone who is far from a connoisseur of dance, Irish step dance appears to be one of the most rigid of styles. Colin Dunne, however, proves otherwise.

In "Out of Time," Dunne mixes his footwork with a multimedia presentation, featuring spoken word and video. All of these elements mesh to create a full-bodied work encapsulating Dunne's growth as a dancer as well as his vision for his future.

According to Dunne's website, his dancing is "digitally processed live then looped, remixed and layered to create a hauntingly evocative soundscore," with the help of sound engineer Fionán de Barra. Given the percussive quality of step dancing, this will be a wall of polyrhthmyic click-clacking.

Dunne's performance delves into the tradition of Irish step dance, but also strives to give it a contemporary edge. Given all of the nuance Dunne has added to "Out of Time," I would say he's on a good track to making the style unconventional.

Capitol Theatre at Riffe Center

8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 27

77 S. High St., Downtown