Arts Staff Pick: Celebrate Columbus' heritage (and possibly your own) at Oktoberfest

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

I don't always celebrate my heritage with drinking, but when I do I prefer Oktoberfest (and not that over-commodified drunkfest known St. Patrick's Day).

While I'm still unwrapping my German heritage (I recently learned my maternal great-great grandpa was a brewmaster in Germany) and these types of events are not wholly authentic (Elvis is making an appearance this year), I'm looking forward to drinking in "beer halls," singing drinking songs and eating sauerkraut and pretzels (though not together). Hey, I'm still American and these occasions are best celebrated with food and booze.

I missed out on Oktoberfest back when it was still located in German Village, a fact I rue to this day. But the last few years of this nearly 50-year-old event have been held at the Ohio Expo Center, and last I checked that's still in Columbus and our city still has deep German roots - and that's reason enough to don lederhosen (or not) and listen to polka.

Ohio Expo Center

Friday-Sunday, Sept. 27-29

717 E. 17th Ave., North Side