Arts preview: SculptureX Symposium will shed light on sculpture's present and future

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sculpture’s legacy is an age-old one, and as it progresses the implications of this kind of artwork expand. That overarching evolution within today’s cultural context will be explored in the annual SculptureX Symposium this weekend.

The two-day event will feature a variety of speaking engagements from modern sculpture professionals to provide their know-how, namely a keynote address from Martin Kersels, associate professor at Yale University School of Art as well as prominent installation artist. Kersels isn't the only scholarly sculptor; he'll be supported by sculpture professors from across the region.

A few exhibitions are interwoven with speakers to boot. There's the romantic library installation of “Let's Talk About Love, Baby,” enticing viewers to be active readers of sorts. The boundary between object and painting is then blurred in “My Crippled Friend.” One can also peruse the work of emerging sculptors in “Everyday Spectacular.”

This symposium will certainly shed light about sculpture in the present, as well as its role in the future as cultural forces mold it.

CCAD (Canzani Center)

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 11-12

60 Cleveland Ave., Downtown