Arts previews: "We Will Rock You" musical is ideal setting for legendary rock band Queen

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Queen is a legendary rock band whose songs are ideal for a musical production. Pairing Queen tunes with a story penned by popular British comedian and author Ben Elton ("The Young Ones") has resulted in one of the most popular award-winning musicals in the last decade.

While the music is the obvious standout of "We Will Rock You," Elton's narrative is poignant, funny and wild enough to match Queen's legacy. Set in a dystopian future - is there any other kind? - where the planet is controlled by a mega corporation, individuality is gone and music is controlled by said corporation. There's no rock 'n' roll and instruments are banned.

Coming to save the day is a band of bohemian rebels led by Galileo Figaro, who hears strange words/lyrics in his head. When Galileo meets Scaramouche, they quickly find they're kindred spirits destined to change the world (through rock).

Palace Theatre

Through Sunday, Jan. 12

34 W. Broad St., Downtown