Arts preview: Nothing is sacred in "Filthiest Fucking Thing Ever" at Strongwater

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Columbus Alive

One look at the bill of acts for "The Filthiest Fucking Thing Ever" and you'll either be turned on or turned off to attending.

On the agenda: "Lesbonic" aerialists, a reading of the "Double Dick Dudes" thread from Reddit, a reading by a local erotic author, French clowns, drag queens, burlesque performances, a photography installation entitled "Ass Holes."


"I feel like I'm finally producing the kind of show that I've dreamed about producing for years - a variety performance so unique and multifaceted that categories don't exist to organize the acts involved," said Zachariah Baird, a local comedian and art show producer.

Indeed, there are a lot of artists booked to perform something during the night, and Baird said this show has garnered the most overwhelming response of performers wishing to participate that he's ever seen.

"I think part of that is because so many of us who perform constantly feel the need to try to be such desirable, polished, perfect, happy, interesting and engaging acts," he said, "that the thought of putting our rotten sides on the line and having people clap for us regardless sounds like utter bliss."

Baird and co-host drag queen Diamond Hunter will officiate the filth, a new wave freak show.

"A filth show is all about showcasing aspects of our humanity that for some reason we attempt to marginalize and cast off from ourselves because they involve some personal or social shame," he said. "I kind of hope that this show will be like … one big metaphor for talking about poop. Because for me, talking about poop is humanizing, relaxing, relatable, humbling and kind of exhilarating and fun because some part of us still thinks 'we shouldn't talk about poop.'"

The Cadaver Dogs and Counterfeit Madison will be the evening's house band. Baird has employed them to "keep the room feeling honest, exposed and dirtier than one of those homes you see on 'Hoarders.'"

Get gross, Columbus.

"The Filthiest Fucking Thing Ever"

Strongwater Food & Spirits

Doors at 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1

401 W. Town St., Franklinton