February Gallery Hop: Three must-see shows

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Columbus Alive

Before you hit up the hip-hop dance party Get Right (9 p.m. Saturday at Skully’s), check out these three must-see shows during Gallery Hop.

“Be My Valentine”

Valentine’s Day. Sure it can be complicated, but not at Rivet’s new show.

“I wanted to have a fun and somewhat lighthearted exhibition surrounding that desired or dreaded holiday, depending on whom you ask,” said Rivet owner Laura Kuenzli. “Immediately I thought about the days of elementary school Valentine’s parties and handing out those little square cards. It was either a nervous fear or a gleeful cheer depending on how that class crush responded to opening that envelope. The days of somewhat carefree life.”

Igloo Letterpress, a Worthington printmaker, provided 33 artists (including Clinton Reno, Make Believe Monsters’ Rich Rayburn and The Girls’ Raeghan Buchanan) with a 4.5-inch by 5.5-inch card with a valentine greeting on the back. The artists used the cards to create a valentine they would love to give or receive. The results, which could be smarmy, sweet or sadistic, will be on view through Feb. 26.


1200 N. High St., Short North


 “New Year, New Prints: Anthony ‘Tank’ Mansfield”

Ever wondered what Mario looks like grabbing a beer after a hard day of throwing fireballs and resizing? Of course you have. Here’s your chance.

Anthony “Tank” Mansfield (you can call him Tank) moved to Cincinnati from Columbus in 2008 for a visual arts instructor gig. There he started to turn from painting to drawing and illustration.

Tank’s work, which will be on view during a raucous evening of fun at What The Rock?!, is now mainly inspired by video games, “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Max” and Heavy Metal magazine.

“My latest work has focused a lot on Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers and issues that I think they have with each other and the world they live in,” Tank said. “The other half of my work is starting to deal with medieval and post-apocalyptic pieces that are created using stippling. I am still developing them and having a lot of fun with them.”

What The Rock?!

1194 N. High St., Short North


 “Amber Groome and Chas Ray Krider”

Chas Ray Krider is a photographer of the erotique. Amber Groome, a builder of delicate destruction. While the Columbus-based artists work with opposite mediums — photography and sculpture — their art draws similar parallels — fetishism, beautiful lies. This February show at Lindsay Gallery pairs their work, and while most of it comprises individual pieces, there are a couple collaborative efforts. For example, the show includes a Krider photograph of Groome posed doll-like amid her many collected curiosities, as if the artist herself has morphed into a real doll box like the miniature ones she makes.

Lindsay Gallery

986 N. High St., Short North



Gallery Hop

4-10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1

Short North Arts District