Arts previews: "Journey/Destination" at Marcia Evans Gallery

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Cameron MacPhail mixes a sense of adventure into his landscape photography, and the result is best described as, well, adventurous. MacPhail, an Ohio native currently living in San Francisco, has traveled extensively, which serves as a major inspiration.

“I approached the show with all of the photos being taken during a series of road trips across America,” MacPhail said. “I titled it ‘Journey/Destination” because … you’re always working toward a specific destination, but the actual importance is the journey itself and these really amazing places.”

Besides finding gorgeous landscapes from California to Ohio, MacPhail also used some remarkable processes for a number of captivating images. A shining (literally) example is the night photographs which use a long exposure time to make the moon and stars circle in the sky.

MacPhail also has a number of spontaneously found landscape images (see “Danger #1” and “Danger #2”) that are just as riveting. Comprehensively, the collection of 31 images is diverse, but universally stunning. And being printed on pearl metallic paper further makes the images pop in terms of color, while also creating a simulated depth.

Marcia Evans Gallery

Through March 29

8 E. Lincoln St., Short North