Comedy preview: Rising star Fortune Feimster returns to Columbus

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Fortune Feimster is one of the hottest up-and-coming names in comedy right now. She’s been a regular on “Chelsea Lately,” earning a reputation as one of the funniest comics on stage, and will star in Tina Fey’s new comedy pilot. Feimster is also preparing for her first Comedy Central special. Feimster recently spoke with Alive about her upcoming projects, how her time at the Groundlings Theatre helped hone her craft and the last time she stopped in Columbus.

I’m shooting the new pilot in about two weeks. I was a writer at “Chelsea Lately” and wasn’t planning on leaving, but ... I’ve been a performer for a while now and it has been my dream to do a sitcom. When you hear Tina Fey, it’s a really funny show and the part is so perfect for me, it just was impossible to turn it down. The working title is “Cabot College” and it’s about a women’s college that lets men in for the first time. I play a lesbian R.A. It’ll actually be fun because I was actually an R.A. at a women’s college.

I feel like I got a master’s degree in comedy being [at Groundlings Theatre]. I was there about six years. I was in their Sunday Company where you’re putting on a new sketch show every Sunday. You’re forced to grow, and … it was like being in a boot camp trying to stay in the program because it’s competitive and they vote you out based on your work. I think everything I’m good at now, I learned from there.

I’ve been to Columbus once. Hopefully people who didn’t come before can come out this time, and if they came before, they’ll come back and have a good time. I got to be there for the Pride Weekend, and that was fun. I was very impressed with how many people were there and what an active community it was. It’s a cool city. I try not to make a habit of going to the same city. I’m trying to hit up new places right now, but I liked it so much it was hard to say no.

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