Arts preview: Frequinox is the best party to celebrate spring

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Billing an art event as "an earthly celebration of cosmic proportions" comes with high expectations. But Frequinox - presented by Kickin' It, a group of friends and artists collaborating for regular happenings - lives up to the billing. Frequinox is a recurring event in its third year that celebrates the seasonal change by throwing a party of spellbinding proportions.

"It's a way to come out of that winter solitude, join together in a community and celebrate, especially after this winter. Everybody is ready for it," said Kickin' It co-founder Rae Liebtag.

While Frequinox is a blowout complete with imaginatively extraordinary and interactive art, from flowers and crystals to an entire "cosmic cavern" and more, there's significance behind the celebration, and all the hard, hand-crafted work the Kickin' It crew does.

"It's a celestial change; there's a lot going on with the planetary system and how that affects us here," said Kickin' It co-founder Greg Ignasiak.

"It's a way to connect with the cycles we're so dependent on, but so removed from," reiterated Leibtag.

Even though it's difficult to describe the awesomeness of Kickin' It's events, a rundown of all Frequinox's facets is doable: live bands, DJs, stilt walkers, cirque performers, interactive art (think COSI for adults complete with a Project-a-tron), a wild photo booth, and even live painters capturing the ether of the event.

"It's a combination of all the art we do; throw it into this and make it as epic as possible," said Kickin' It collaborator Mike Rzepka, who both Ignasiak and Liebtag say is invaluable to the project and will be live painting at Frequinox.

To fully embrace Frequinox, Kickin' It says attendees should don costumes, of wild scopes, like previous Frequinox-ers look forward to all year. But if you're new to this event, don't feel overwhelmed or left out. The entire wardrobe of costumes this imaginative crew has created will be available to wear. (You'll find something to stimulate your mojo.)

"We want to give people a unique environment to come out and express themselves," Liebtag said. "We see it. We feel it. And people feel it when they come to our events. There's reciprocity."

Via Vecchia Winery

8 p.m. Friday, March 14

485 S. Front St., Brewery District