A new wave of CCAD fashion designers hit the runway this weekend

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

For CCAD, the Senior Fashion Show is a time for celebration (it surely helps that graduation ceremonies are the next day). But even if the Fashion Show didn't occur near the end of the school year, it would still be a momentous occasion.

Senior fashion design students work all year for the show. They start conceptualizing ideas and sketches in the fall, create garments in the winter and finalize it for submission to a jury of industry experts in February. From that jury, 21 senior design students were chosen to present 68 garments on Friday's runway.

All those hours sketching and meticulously sewing, sleepless nights (whether working or worrying) and even the occasional scrap-it-all-and-start-over (which happened for a couple students) is finally paying off. All 21 of the students presenting at the Senior Fashion Show deserve congratulations, but here are five we felt warranted extra consideration.

It was instantly obvious how incredibly bright and talented each one is, and how much time and thought they put into the garments they've created. What wasn't obvious was how each one's path to the Senior Fashion Show was its own, symbolized by the individuality of each designer's collection.