Notes for a rainy day

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

My Dad had a favorite saying, "Any day you can talk about is a good day!"

That positive attitude is so needed in these days of instant gratification and reluctance to handle disappointments. How we adults respond to everyday situations has amazing effects on our children. As the song sings, "Accentuate the positive…."

It's raining today. O my! Picnics, ball games, outdoor festivals canceled. Children, it is NOT the end of the world. So many wonderful possibilities for this rainy day. Let's check some of them on our Plan B!

Clear your table. Spread it with packs of crayons, markers, watercolor paints, paper of different sizes. Create pictures, greeting cards, posters, cartoons.

Don't toss out that recyclable trash! Wash out those plastic containers, tubs, bottles. Save those toilet paper, paper towel cardboard tubes. Keep those empty oatmeal containers, coffee cans, fast-food mugs. Mix with old beads, feathers, scraps of colorful materials, pebbles…what wonderful sculptures can we create? Enjoy the playfulness of the creative process.

Turn all of the above into homemade gifts for friends, neighbors and family.

Play a variety of rhythmic music. Have a dance party.

Drive or walk to the nearest library and enjoy the almost-daily special children's programs offered in all of the branches.

Drive or walk to the nearest park and observe the incredible world of animals, birds and trees from the warm, fascinating park nature centers.

Bring little sketch books wherever you go and whatever you do to mark your days.

Curl up together with a good book! Read to, read with, be with your children on a cozy chair or couch!

Note: This column was inspired by a friend who called to say the rain ruined a whole day. Hope she changes her mind. Be ready with Plan B! Me? I'm enjoying the first item on Plan C: Taking a lovely walk in the rain.

Columbus arts educator, author and all-around inspiration Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld shares her wisdom about raising happy, healthy, creative children.