Exhibit preview: Artist skews recognizable locales with abstract aesthetics in "Out.Look"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bulgarian-born Boryana Rusenova Ina has been wowing Columbus (and beyond) with mixed-media urban landscape paintings for the last couple of years. Those works presented recognizable locales from around the city, only magnificently skewed with an abstract kaleidoscope aesthetic.

Ina’s latest exhibit, “Out.Look,” shows the artist’s evolution through experimentation. The new paintings and drawings still contain urban settings, but elements of both humanity and nature become focal points.

“I play with the notions of foreign and native. I am curious to understand their meaning and how we could transition between these states. Our personal and cultural identities are closely tied to the location and makeup of the places we identify with,” Ina said in the exhibit’s press release.

Ina’s pencil drawings juxtapose landscapes, wildlife and foliage with stylized architectural components. The paintings convey a brooding impression, focusing on people from her early life inspired by family photos of her childhood.

Cultural Arts Center

Through July 26

139 W. Main St., Downtown