Exhibit preview: "Ghost Alphabet" infuses letters with whimsical and dreadful creatures

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

West Virginia-based illustrator and printmaker Sage Perrott presents 26 alphabetic prints conveying both whimsy and dread for her current exhibition. Perrot designed the composition of each letter’s design with a couple thoughts in mind — from the tradition and history of printmaking to personal relationships.

Hans Holbein’s seminal “Dance of Death” alphabet series from the 1500s (letters surrounded by intricate images of death scenes) was an inspiration for the aesthetic, while the creatures occupying each letter run the gamut of the human psyche.

“They tend to be furry, kind of lumpy and maybe a little bit cute in an ugly way. I see that as stand-ins for people’s personalities,” Perrot said during a phone interview. “If they’re a little bit ugly, little bit sad, but also happy, that’s fairly accurate; most people are all those things.”

Each print is available framed ($50, original print) or unframed ($20). Two unframed prints of each letter are available at the exhibition, and more will be available for purchase at Perrott’s website (haypeep.com) once the exhibit closes.

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